A french retard addicted to coffee who's writing code.

If you feel like it, you can also look at some of my political postings.

About Me

Born and raised in Toulouse, I'm currently 18 years old and studying CS in the Paul Sabatier University, still in Toulouse. I also work on some projects when I have time to do so.

I've been writing lines of code since 2014 and I'm still writing some. The quality of my code, the languages and technologies I'm using evolved a lot over time, but my passion for writing dumb stuff never decreased.

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Personal projects

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Squirrel Chat

An open-source chat application similar to Discord, with built-in E2EE. Under heavy development.


Projects I contribute to

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A lightweight Discord client mod focused on simplicity and performance.

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A tool providing composition effects to Electron applications.


Commissioned work

Note: I am currently not available for commissions.

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xelA's dashboard

xelA is a semi-private powerful Discord bot which aims for a no-bullshit experience while still providing tons of features.

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Discord Chat Replica

A microservice designed for Naila bot capable of generating html files replicating Discord's chat interface.